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James Burchill
James Burchill

Welcome to CoffeeConfidential.TV the show where I interview interesting people while we enjoy a coffee in my Smartcar!

Here’s the current promotion plan for each episode: 

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Promoted on social media:

Shared with ~20K Twitter followers
Trailer Posted on Facebook show page (Paid BOOST optional)
Full Episode Posted on Facebook show page (Paid BOOST optional)
Trailer Shared with ~2.5K LinkedIn Contacts
Full Episode Shared with ~2.5K LinkedIn Contacts

Syndication Partners:

Metroland Media’s main website (Click to see how they cover episodes)
Metroland Media’s email newsletter subscribers
Metroland Media’s social media channels: Twitter & Facebook (+City specific)
YouTube Smartcar Coffee Confidential channel
Apple Podcast
Cogeco YourTV (Check your local listings for show times!)

Search Engine Optimization:

Each episode is SEO’d for YouTube with keyword analysis, tagging and other optimization tactics. This enhances the ranking for the video not only on YouTube but also on Google.

The episode on is also SEO’d so select key phrases feature more prominently in search results.

Overall this optimization on all channels (including social media) increases your chance of appearing in the search results for select keywords and phrases.


#StayFrosty 😎

James Burchill

PS. Here’s how to leverage your interview for maximum promotional exposure.