Hi there. So you want to know a bit more about the #Smartcar #CoffeeConfidential – cool.

The “mechanics” are pretty straightforward. We agree on a meeting place in or near Burlington (Ontario, Canada) and then I pick you up on the agreed date and time and buy you a coffee (or tea if you prefer.)

We then film it. It’s NOT live … yet (CUE: evil chuckle)

We chat about life, your business and pretty much anything we want.

I drop you back where we started about 30-40 minutes later.

The video is edited and TRAILER clip (30-60 sec) is created and shared online. The final episode is typically between 10 – 15 minutes and when it finally airs will be syndicated on a variety of channels.

You are encouraged to share your interview video on social media – heck, you can even embed the video using the free YouTube code they provide. It’s an awesome way to showcase your business in a more personal way.

That’s it. Take care.

James Burchill