How To Leverage Your Interview

So you’ve been a guest on the show and your video has been published online and syndicated through our partner channels. Now what? How do you leverage this video marketing opportunity? Good question and here are a couple of options available to you.

Embed the YouTube video on your website

Start by putting your interview on your website. I publish the videos on YouTube with public share options so you can grab the code and publish it easily. You have my permission to do this 🙂

Share your show URL online

When your episode aired you were assigned a unique URL:

Posting that link will get you great exposure and showcase your video and the show notes.

Share the YouTube link on your social media

Don’t just sit there … click the share button and promote your interview on your social media!

Again, you have my permission to share away.

NOTE: Sharing the YouTube video is a bit “noisy” as YouTube puts other videos and ads around yours. It’s the way they monetize their platform. If you’d like the ‘cleanest’ view I suggest you stick with sharing your unique episode link:

Email your list, toot your own horn!

Remember to email your list as well, share the fact you’ve been featured on the show. Share the your unique episode link:

Other Ways To Promote Yourself

A digital copy of your edited interview video is available for a nominal fee. Please enquire. You can post this onto your own social media (Facebook, InstagramTV, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.)

Finally, if you’d like to discuss other promotional considerations such as boosting your episode on Facebook and other paid advertising, let’s chat.

Custom marketing and promotional packages are available.