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What happens when 2 English guys hang out in a Smartcar and listen to Queen? Was he really trapped for 3 hours? Does Paul escape? What is a Smartcar Coffee Confidential anyway? What are James’ 3 questions? Watch this full episode to discover what happens to Paul Copcutt!

— About Paul Copcutt —

Paul Helps You Understand Your Personal Brand and Build Your Professional Presence. He’s a Personal Brand and LinkedIn Speaker too.

He was once described by Forbes magazine as a leading personal brand expert globally. Paul will tell you he does not know if at the time that was true, although he was certainly one of the first certified personal brand strategists globally through Reach.

Paul possess exceptional skills in quickly distilling what he sees and hears in to custom solutions that are effective – such as the Fun Accountant who entertains with Pinata Bar-B-Q’s or the Senior VP of IT who hosts Ice Cream Socials.

What does your brand message say about you? Unsure, visit for more information and to contact Paul directly.

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